Short Stories


My grandfather told me a version of this story: he picked it up in Krakow. My uncle heard it in Cambodia, and my sister in Rwanda. My mother pretends she doesn’t know it. I’m telling it to everyone so no one can say they didn’t know.

 - Green Pastures

It looks idyllic - from a distance. But the barbed wire, HAZMAT suits, and screams from building H tell a different story.
Published in Dark Lane Anthology: Volume Six, ed. Tim Jeffreys, (Raleigh, NC: Lulu) 2018.

Green Pastures

It chimed six years ago, when their grandfather died, and has been silent ever since. Except now - when they've brought their home to die.
Published in The Ghastling: Book Six, ed. Rebecca Parfitt, (Cardiff: Ghastling) 2018.

At the Stroke

I couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the feel of my grandmother’s hands squeezing mine until it felt like the bones were shifting over each other. Her skin was as slick as lily petals.

 - At the Stroke

Artwork by Fancy Fox

© 2019 Laura Maria Grierson

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