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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Yesterday marked the release of the first issue of eco vegan magazine Seedling. Edited by vegan blogger and freelance writer Bethany at Little Green Seedling, Seedling covers a range of topics from the personal (Mikah's frank discussion of reconciling her vegan ethics with the principles underpinning her eating disorder recovery), expanding our pallets (Valerie Zemba introduces us to plants we might never have considered edible) to arguing that what we eat is a spiritual action and Serena Sabala debunking plant-based myths - and what vegan magazine would be complete without a recipe or two?

Front cover of (inaugural) October-November issue of 'Seedling'

I was extremely fortunate to have two pieces published in the inaugural issue. My poem 'Caveman' was scribbled out on the last couple of pages of a notebook (I think I'd seen a lot of "caveman" comments online that week!) and, when I saw the call for submissions, I typed it out with minimal editing (not that I didn't care, but the idea strolled almost fully-formed into my head and I got it down in one on paper) and sent it over as an attachment with the rest of my pitch, not sure if it was something the magazine would be interested in publishing. If you've ever wondered if we should base our habits on our ancestors' (and even if you probably already know the answer to that ...) then this is the poem for you.

I was particularly excited for my article 'Why It's Going To Be Hard To Be A Vegetarian in 2019' to be published. Although I often see my own work crop up on blogs and social media, this marks the first time that a non-fiction article will appear under my own name. It's a great feeling to be paid to write something you actually care about, and packing an article full of stats, figures, and studies is something I really enjoy.

If you'd like to read either of these pieces, you can download a copy absolutely free.

I remember, just over a year ago, I was sending my short story 'Green Pastures' to vegan magazines: I was pretty certain that they didn't publish short stories but I wasn't going to let that stop me from trying! I was pretty crushed when one magazine emailed me back to say that I needed to proofread my own work better because there was a word missing from the first sentence ...

Well, 'Green Pastures' found its perfect home with Dark Lane Books and now I'm motivated to write some more kick-ass articles to be spread around the vegan publishing world. I already have plenty of ideas ... They won't all be as editorial as 'Hard To Be a Vegetarian'; some will be short and (hopefully!) fun.

If you'd like to support my work or a new venture, if you're interested in vegan and/or eco-friendly living, or if you just want a free magazine, you can get a free copy of Seedling from their website. And if you enjoyed this post and would like to stay up to date with any new posts, please subscribe :)

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