Quick Update

I haven't written anything for a while, but that's only because everything has been so busy!

Stirling Publishing went to the London Book Fair in April, which was an exciting - and fruitful - experience. We signed Dawn French's fantasy YA 'Brotherhood of Shades' and made some very interesting connections that hold a lot of promise for our international market. With so much inspiration in London, we decided to re-open for submissions so I've been collecting some initial thoughts on those and requested a couple of full manuscripts.

I also got to experience Kensington, which is amazing, and I even got to meet author Tomi Makanjuola (blogger at the Vegan Nigerian, which is an invaluable resource and inspiration for me) for vegan pizza: turmeric base, smoked cheese, faux meats - the works! Look at this thing of beauty:

I'm still creating content for House of Content, and learning a lot about the software and tech industry as I go.

Working freelance, I've had the opportunity to work with a vegan brand, which is a fantastic experience for me, and the author of a novel I edited is looking to work with me again on his next (non-fiction) work, so I've sent some initial editorial comments over and once we have another draft we can start editing more closely. I'm also doing a proofread of a PhD thesis that looks very intriguing.

I've had a bit of drama with a laptop that seems to have given up the ghost. I've very kindly been given another (and I'd forgotten how preferable Windows 7 is to 10!) and I could certainly make do until I have the funds for an upgrade - but a month's work of my own novel hadn't synced with my One Drive or MS Word, and I'll be gutted if I can't get that back.

But on the plus side, the sun is gorgeous in the North East and I've constructed a shade to work outdoors! These things cost upwards of £35 with delivery but I found a tutorial on YouTube that showed me how to do it for £7 so I'm very happy.

Enjoy the weather, guys!


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