Seeking Independently Published Books to Review

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

It's kind of embarrassing (but I still defend it!) that my local bookshop is Tesco. It's open til late, it's where I get my snacks, and it has the 2 for £7 deal that even Amazon would struggle to beat.

But, the thing is, buying books from Tesco means that I'm only buying bestsellers: those books that supermarkets know will sell well because they've won awards and are talked about on daytime chat shows. For 2018, I want to support those small publishers that don't get the same exposure, those authors that don't have celebrity endorsements.

My website doesn't have a massive readership, but for every review I put on here I post a condensed version on Amazon - and any review is great for getting word of your book out there!

If you think I'd be interested in reading and reviewing your novel, just drop me an email at The only stipulation I'll put is that it has to be available in a physical book format, because reading on a Kindle or computer messes with my eyes.

I want to read all those little gems that slip through the cracks of "big publishing"!

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