My First Short Story Is Going To Be Published

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Exciting news! My first published short story is due to come out this autumn from one of my favourite presses: The Ghastling! I love their eerie tales and disturbing cover art, so I was extremely thrilled when their editor got in touch to say they wanted to publish my submission. The short story is called 'At the Stroke' (it's the second title I had for it, but I still don't love it) and it emerged from some exploration of the uncanny. I might tease a few more details as we get closer to the release ...

I've also completed my first assignment at I did an honest product review, which is something I haven't tried my hand at before but I really enjoyed it. If anyone would like a product review, please get in touch! If you'd like to see my profile, it's at I haven't done any editing for a couple of weeks now, so I'm hoping to get some work for that soon.

I've finally completed my longlists for all three sections of the Stirling Publishing short story competition. I have a stand out favourite for flash, a half a dozen for micro, and a few for short fiction; my preferences have to be compared to those of the other editors', and then judge Lesley Glaister will pick out her top entries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll see my favourites in the anthology.

I never got round to doing a second draft of 'Ironstone' so that's my job for tomorrow. I did get a first full draft of 'Fairy Tales Our Parents Told Us' which began life as a novella and is now getting hacked down into a 5,000 word short story. I'm sad to see it go as a novella, since I think it benefitted from those small increases of tension that you can build with a larger word count, but short stories are more accessible so I'd rather get it out there than torture myself trying to find a home for a novella by an unknown author. I'm also keen to get back into my novel, so I'm not sure whether to dive back into it or keep on with the short stories.

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