What I'm Up To This Week

It's been a busy week getting the website up and running. Creating pdf documents, password protection, and image icons has taken up the last couple of days, but everything seems to be in order now and I can get back into work.

This week I'm editing a CV for a family member: the text needs proofreading for mistakes, but I'm also formatting the document to make it clearer to read and more professional-looking.

Stirling Publishing's short story competition has closed, which is very exciting: I'll be transferring all the entries to my Kindle so I can read them and make notes in order to prepare a longlist. We had so many entries that, really, we should divvy them up among the office: but I can't give up on reading any of them! It's going to take up a lot of time going through so many stories and making notes for each one, so that's going to take up most of my working hours - but I can't really complain about reading some great fiction for work. Here's hoping the weather's terrible: it's always best reading on the sofa with a blanket when there's a storm raging outside.

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