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The website has had a complete revamp, with a sleek new look and a cleaner design. I’ve also incorporated my portfolio, so you can download .pdfs of my work, including poetry, essays, blog posts, and editing examples. Some of them require a password to view, just so I can keep track of who’s accessing the files, but feel free to drop me a message and I’ll send it over.

I’ve designed icons for each of the documents as well; it’s something I haven’t done before, and I’ve really enjoyed taking photos, picking a font, and putting everything together.

I’ve got some lovely feedback, from both my work with Stirling Publishing and as a freelancer, which you can read on the ‘Testimonials’ page, and my CV is also up as a slideshow.

I hope you liked the new website as much as I do, and don’t hesitate to subscribe or connect with me on social media.

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