Here you will find examples of my published creative writing, primarily poetry and short stories.

I write regularly for Stirling Robyns Publishing’s blog []. The articles are industry-specific, focussing on reading, writing, and the publishing process. I like to engage with my audience by using examples from their social media as well as taking inspiration from more conventionally published sources, such as novels and online articles. Select posts are reproduced here with Stirling Robyns’ permission.

A selection of researched essays with a focus on literature and culture.


Primarily from my submissions for both my English Studies BA and Creative Writing MA, the essays engage with a wide breadth of materials, from canon novels to contemporary music video.

Sometimes a document – be it an essay, a report, or a piece of creative writing – needs a second eye. Proofreading for spelling mistakes and typos is only the beginning.

 For non-fiction essays, citations are checked and the progression of the piece is ensured to be logical and cohesive, with appropriate assertions, evidence, and expansions to support the title.

Providing editorial feedback for a short story or novel extract is more complex and can be tailored to individual requirements: examining the plot, characterisation, and writing style are bases for exploring the effectiveness of the narrative.

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