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Something I haven't covered but you'd like me to take a look at? Drop me an email and let's talk a little more about it.


However good your writing skills are, sometimes a document just needs a second eye to check for those details that your own brain skips over.


Spellcheck doesn't always pick up on typos, wrong words, and double spaces, so it's always worth looking it over for any silly mistakes that could ruin the reading of your document.


Regular formatting and correct referencing to a particular style are also important to keep your work polished to the highest standard.

Editorial Feedback

In my work as editorial assistant, sometimes (really, most of the time, unfortunately) I have to reject the submissions I receive. This might be because the manuscript is too close to others that we already have, or it doesn't fit in with our imprints - or there may be something about the writing that just isn't working.

Editorial feedback helps you identify which aspects of your work can be improved, including plot, characterisation, suspense, dialogue, and writing style.


It's not all criticism! Editorial feedback can also pick out your strengths, which is its own little boost.


Maybe writing isn't your thing. Maybe you're working with English as an additional language. Or maybe you're just pressed for time -- whatever the reason, a professional edit can rework your document into something that really shines.

Grammar, spelling, and word choice might all be technically correct, but some subtle changes can take your writing from "correct" to "amazing."

Have your novel injected with some fresh dialogue, or have your poetry trimmed of its excess. To crank up any document, from a quick tidy to an intense rewrite, get in touch through the contact form belowl

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