'Green Pastures' featured in Dark Lane Anthology Volume 6

Look at this fantastically weird (and, according to my brother, f****** creepy) cover of Dark Lane Anthology 6. Don't you wanna dive inside and see what disconcerting tales are waiting for you? Maybe with the light on? 'Green Pastures' tells the story of Tom, a recent graduate who gets an agricultural job with a very special dairy company. I don't want to give too much away or impose too much of myself on the story, but the anthology is available to buy in paperback and Kindle at Amazon. 'Green Pastures' is one of the few stories in the anthology that have accompanying artwork. Mine is by Vikki Yeates but honestly it's too thrilling to share with you here -- you'll have to get the book (no i

Quick Update

I haven't written anything for a while, but that's only because everything has been so busy! Stirling Publishing went to the London Book Fair in April, which was an exciting - and fruitful - experience. We signed Dawn French's fantasy YA 'Brotherhood of Shades' and made some very interesting connections that hold a lot of promise for our international market. With so much inspiration in London, we decided to re-open for submissions so I've been collecting some initial thoughts on those and requested a couple of full manuscripts. I also got to experience Kensington, which is amazing, and I even got to meet author Tomi Makanjuola (blogger at the Vegan Nigerian, which is an invaluable resource

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