Non-fiction articles

'Why It's Okay To Be Vegan and Miss Eggs.' Seedling. 1 February 2019.

'Why Lions Don't Justify You Eating Meat.' Seedling. 1 December 2018.

‘Why It’s Going To Be Hard To Be a Vegetarian in 2019.’ Seedling. 1 October 2018.

Short Stories

‘Green Pastures.’ Dark Lane Anthology: Volume Six. Editor Tim Jeffreys. Raleigh, NC: Lulu, 2018. 

‘At the Stroke.’ The Ghastling: Book Six. Editor Rebecca Parfitt. Cardiff: The Ghastling, 2017.



'My Brother Got Battered (But We're Not Supposed To Talk About It).' Awakenings: Issue 7: Here, There, and Everywhere. 2018.

‘Caveman.’ Seedling, 1 October 2018.

‘Indigo’, published as ‘Millennial Pink (Undergrad Indigo).’ Panoplyzine. Editor Jeff Santosuosso. 2018

‘August ‘13’, ‘Gnawing,’ and ‘Peace’. Through the Cracks. Editor Lisa Nelson. Middlesbrough: Ek Zuban, 2016.


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